Running Icewind Dale 2 on Windows 10 with GemRB

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After installing my Icewind Dale 2 copy, I bought on old Games), it refused to run on Window 10. I tried different compatibility modes but it still refused to run. I was really disappointed. After some digging around I came across GemRB(Game engine made with pre-Rendered Background). This is a open source implementation of the old Infinity Engine. It took me a bit to figure out how it works but I got it running. Here is how:

  1. Download the Win32 version of GemRB from their sourceforge page.
  2. Unpack it to your C: drive. So you will have something like: C:\gemrb-win32-ee12dd9.
  3. Go to the folder where you installed GemRB and duplicate the GemRB.cfg.sample.
  4. Rename the duplicate to GemRB.cfg.
  5. Open up GemRB.cfg with a text editor and change the following options(If the option starts with a hash sign, remove the hash sign):
    1. GameType=iwd2
    2. GameName=Icewind Dale 2
    3. Width=1024
    4. Height=768
    5. Fullscreen=0
    6. FogOfWar=1
    7. CachePath=Point it to the cache2 folder inside the GemBR install folder.
    8. GamePath=Path where you installed IWD2
    9. CD1=Same path as GamePath for IWD2 from GOG.
    10. CD2=Point it to the CD2 folder inside the IWD2 install folder.
    11. GemRBPath=Path to the GemRB install folder.
    12. GUIScriptsPath=Same as GemRBPath.
    13. PluginsPath=Point it to the plugins folder inside the GemRB install folder.
  6. Last thing we need to do is install Python 2. If you don’t install it the game won’t run. On the page, where you’ve downloaded the binaries there is also a link available for the correct Python version. Install that and you are all set. To be safe install it to your C: drive. Also agree to add python.exe to the PATH environment variable.
  7. Now run the gemrb.exe inside the GemRB installation folder.
  8. GemRB can also be configured to run other infinity games, like: Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, etc. For a complete list visit their site at