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Outline obstructed objects

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This is a simple shader which makes it possible to outline obstructed objects and draw them on top of the obstructions. I’ve used Unity’s Standard Shader and modified it to support two more properties: Outline Color and Outline Width. Note that the Standard Shader is taken from the 5.6.1 version…. Read more »

Export as FBX from Blender for Unity

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Scaling If you want your exports from Blender to be the same size as objects in Unity then you need to export your FBX files as follows: Go to: File > Export > FBX. Set your FBX export settings as shown in the picture below. Make sure that option 2… Read more »

Disable the root motion with Mecanim

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When I first started out using mocap(Motion Capture) files I used BVHacker to remove the root motions from mocaps. There is an easier way to achieve this with Unity Mecanim. On all animators, there is an option called: Apply Root Motion. Just uncheck it and you are all set.